ArgoUML logoIn the first days of ArgoUML, it was a really interesting UML modelling tool for projects to use. It had a active community a good code base and of course a very fast UI to use. Sadly this was back in 2002 up to around 2008. And still the code base is open sourced and available.

During this time ArgoUML was always limited to UML 1.4, a reduced set of UML 2. But ArgoUML was able to do a forward engineering (code generation) and also a reverse engineering of the existing code.

Sadly the last published version is from end of 2011. Also the commits are steadily degrading, so that we can assume the project is as of Jan 2019 dead. But get back to the project health check.

The following analysis is based on the requirements discussed in Free UML tool for developers. If you want to now more about the following requirements, read the named article first.

Project health status

Active commits

ArgoUML development seems to be dead, since years no active commits are shown

Community size

The community for maintaining ArgoUML seems to be inactive, since no active commits are shown and thus no active maintainers are visible

Technical status

Tool implementation language


Supported operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Forward engineering (code generation)

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Ada
  • Delphi
  • SQL

Reverse engineer code

  • C++
  • Java

XMI support

yes, import and export but only for UML 1.4 version

UML 2 support


MDA support

only very partial yes, since of limited support to UML 2 and thus to the full XMI

Integration in Eclipse

no, only outdated integration plugin for ArgoUML

Integration in IntelliJ

no, only outdated integration plugin for ArgoUML



Xenovation's recommendation

as of 2019 we cannot recommend to use the tool for business requirements. Far too long is the tool outdated and not maintained anymore. Also the limited UML 1.4 set make the tool also sometimes painful. What we really like is the reverse engineering of code. So test if your forward engineering UML tool is not working well on this topic if you could use ArgoUML for reverse engineering.


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