Dia logoDia is in this list of tools surely the grandpa of all tools. It was started 1998. So the tool was developed not with the mind to develop a free UML tool. It was developed to enable the users to create any form and type of a diagram.

So Dia cannot be considered to be a UML tool like some persons are telling. It is more something like Visio or a more structured Presentation tool to show a diagram of something more complex.

Sadly the last published version is from end of 2014. Also the commits are steadily degrading, so that we can assume the project is as of Jan 2019 dead.

The following analysis is based on the requirements discussed in Free UML tool for developers. If you want to now more about the following requirements, read the named article first.

Project health status

Active commits

Dia development seems to be dead, since years no active commits are shown

Community size

The community for maintaining Dia seems to be inactive, since no active commits are shown and thus no active maintainers are visible

Technical status

Tool implementation language


Supported operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Forward engineering (code generation)


Reverse engineer code


XMI support


UML 2 support


MDA support


Integration in Eclipse


Integration in IntelliJ




Xenovation's recommendation

If you want to have a full UML tool, this tool is surely not the right choice. It is pretty good if you want to create quick diagrams and you do not have such a tool like Visio. Anyway in summary we cannot recommend it for usage on development projects



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